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This is where we want to showcase stories from other people who, like us, have transitioned to a plant based diet and been fascinated by one or more of the consequences of doing so. Did your health improve as a result of your change? Did your transition influence your family / friends / colleagues to also make changes to their diet? Did it influence the work you now do? Did you experience a completely unseen outcome of going vegan / plant based? Stories like this are remarkable and we want to hear about them!

Find out how to share your story.

Read or watch other remarkable stories.

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We invite you to get in touch with us to tell us your story either in written form or as a video interview with us. We will regularly feature a new story in our blog with a link to it on this page. We will also share it across our social media platforms if you are happy for us to do so. Alternatively, you can request that your story be made available to members only. We know that some of these accounts can involve personal information and you might prefer to limit the audience for your story to members who may benefit from reading what you have to say.

There is no prescribed length for a written piece but for a rough guide, maybe take a look at Graham’s story. We reserve the right to edit your story eg to make it shorter where we feel it is a little too long, to amend any obvious errors or to examine any factual information that you may include (please include references if you do this). We will also ask you for a photograph, feel free to send two or three so that we can choose the one we feel best represents your story, or you. A video interview will be approximately half an hour and we will discuss the nature of the questions with you before the recording date.

You can contact us via email, the chat on this website or via any of our social media buttons, but written submissions should be sent via email to the address provided by clicking the contact button directly below.

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Laura's Story is a brave and impressive account of recovery from Hodgkin's Lymphoma. It's a story that needs to be heard, not just in the context of a cancer diagnosis but also stress and overwork.

This is a powerful and beautiful story of an intimate connection with a wild animal that promted a swift transition to a vegan way of life. We invite you to watch and enjoy Hayley's enchanting story.

This is our first story in which although food had a potent part to play, it had a modest role in the context of the whole story. Simone's Story is full of surprises, primarily the wondrous results possible when determination and belief come together.

There are still health conditions that we assume to have no relationship to food. Multiple Sclerosis is almost certainly one of these and yet Karen Lee is living well with MS and has managed a range of food sensitivities also with a Whole Food Plant Based approach. Karen's Story is a revelation. We hope you enjoy watching it.

After years of searching for solutions to Plantar Fasciitis, IBS, Overweight and Hashimoto's, Eili came upon an approach that didn't just favourably impact on one of them, but all of them! Eili's Story is well worth reading.

Can a refined food addict and self-confessed overeater address these issues with a whole food plant-only diet? What if she also has PTSD, anxiety, depression and bi-polar disorder? Evon’s Story is one of spectacular transformations. We hope you enjoy listening to her.

When a teacher becomes increasingly unwell, it makes sense for her to take steps to reverse the process(es), but how many then go on to create a solution for young people and their health?

Nicole has done, and this is her exceptional story.

From the thoroughly debilitating and painful experience of psoriatic arthritis, Kate Dunbar has defied the medical professionals who told her that she would likely be on medication for the rest of her life. Watch Kate's spectacular story here.

How do you get from meat-eating party animal to fully compassionate plant-based eater? Callum found he could. This is Callum's Story.

Kira went from being an enthusiastic meat eater to becoming vegan age 12! Read Kira's Story here and find out what changed her mind.

This is an uplifting and inspiring story of realisation, belief and purpose. We hope you will enjoy reading Elena's Story here.

This is Niall Hall's story. The story starts with a troubled and seriously overweight teenager and follows a transformation to being a mental well-being coach and a healthy weight vegan by age 23. Watch our interview with Niall here.


Our first story is from Jane Loewy, writing about her experience of endometriosis and later fibromyalgia

Read Jane's Story here.

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