Our Story

Our joint story began in the 1980's when we met as foreign language students on our year abroad at a German university. The story didn't resume until the new century by which time each of us had experienced a degree of fulfilment from our respective careers, but our personal lives were a little less remarkable and not only that, but our immersion in the standard western way of life, and most especially the diet, meant each of us had built up a variety of health problems. We outline in our personal accounts what these health challenges were and how reversing them involved a progressive return to a way of eating that aligns with human physiology. For us this is whole plant foods. 

Now, having studied with two of America's most exceptional plant based doctors, we've filled in some of the missing parts in our knowledge and learnt things we never knew were missing. We detail here why it is our joint mission to drive what we see as the vital conversation about plant based nutrition.

Our individual stories are under our names: Graham and Annette

We both actively participate in online discussions with the Plant Based Health Professionals UK as public members whose mission resonates powerfully with us:

"To educate health professionals, members of the public and policy makers on the benefits of whole food plant-based nutrition in preventing and treating chronic disease."