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We welcome you to join our Conversation and the Inspiration Space by becoming a Member which means you can join us completely-free-of-charge via Complimentary Membership, or as a Premium Member.  

Complimentary Membership

- gives you the chance to join us for free, to support us in our quest to raise the level of consciousness and compassion in the world through our food choices, and by being 'inspired'. Find out more here.

- Or check us out and see if we can help you towards better personal health and a more plant based way of eating in your own life by using our resources and actively participating in the Conversation on the closed Facebook Group for members.

Premium Membership

- enables 2 options: an annual membership or 6 month membership ("Premium 6")

- gives you unrestricted access to all our resources and the full 10 part "Be Your Own Plant-Based Expert" series 

- makes 4 personalised one-to-one sessions available to you to book at times that suit you if you choose annual membership, or 2 of these sessions if you opt for the 6 month membership

- gives you discount on a breathing re-education program, or free access if you attend with a friend / colleague or family member.

Let us help you!

If you already know which of these is right for you, you can go straight to the Pricing Plans and sign up. We look forward to meeting you!




Membership: Welcome
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