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We are building a hub of resources including:​

  •  Articles and blog posts

  •  Recipes - some of the recipes are set aside for members only and are accompanied by a pdf version for you to download

  • Whole Food Plant Based Curriculum - course 1 is available free to members now.

  •  "In Your Own Kitchen". Recipes are much easier with guidance and for this reason we  want to guide you, in your own kitchen, through a simple recipe of your choice. This will be available free of charge to members who book a session with us before the end of April. The recipe options are oil-free dressings, (sweet or savoury), sauces, smoothies, oil-free hummus or dips, easy desserts. To give you an idea of how this will work, we've recorded a


    with Jane.

  •  Stories from people who have made remarkable transformations through a plant-based diet. See

    Your Story

    to find out if this might be you!

  • In person conversations - meet us on Zoom. We invite you to book a 20 minute call with us to tell us about your plant-based journey (it doesn't matter where you are), what your hopes are for making progress and how a hub like this might be able to support you. When you have selected your



    , we will contact you and invite you to have a conversation with us. This is completely optional and will not affect your membership if you decide not to take up the offer.

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