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Niall's Story

We're delighted to put another plant based story in the spotlight. This is Niall Hall's story and we had the pleasure of hearing about his incredible transformation in an interview which you can see on our YouTube Channel here.

Niall Hall ... before and after

Having been a morbidly obese teenager, Niall became vegan, lost weight and his life has taken a new direction. But Niall's story is much more than a weight loss journey. At the age of just 23, he has become a mental wellbeing coach for teens and young adults. We regard Niall as exceptional, with a passion to help others that burns brightly. At a time when many young people are suffering from debilitating mental health challenges, we believe Niall has a powerful role to play. We hope you enjoy our interview with him.

Do you have your own plant based story? Find out here how to share it.

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