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Elena's Story

Elena's Story is one of early realisation, making her experience remarkable from the outset; most of us who are born into a western society have a cultural and unquestioning acceptance of animals being used for our food. Elena started to see it differently despite her adult influencers. This is also a story of belief in the human body's capacity to be well if we give it the right conditions. And it's a story of purpose; she almost certainly didn't know it at the time, but the seeds of Elena's purpose were sown early and she continues to this day to make the most of her realisations, her gifts and her learnings. Enjoy Elena's Story.

Since my early years, I was a veg lover, fruit lover… sweets lover, and a true meat, fish and cheese lover – just as my parents were and, accordingly, fed me. I was also nearly constantly sick every winter (and sometimes also summer) with colds, flu, and all possible versions of an upset tummy.

I loved all animals, wild and domestic. As soon as I was strong enough, I started giving a helping hand in our friends’ dairy farm during my summer holidays. I loved cows. And I recoiled from some realities of animal farming (the farm also grew pigs and chicken) as soon as I found out about them.

I hit the age of 14, and two main things happened. First – I became a vegetarian. I knew better than many how atrocious dairy cows’ life is but, having grown in a meat-eater environment, I could not fathom at the time giving up all animal-derived foods. (Explanation is not an excuse, I know!) Nonetheless, it was the first step.

Second – thanks to my naturally inquisitive mind and love for research, I managed to build an opinion that, unless we have a strongly genetically-determined condition, our bodies are capable to stay healthy or even heal from illnesses if we do ‘the right thing’. And so started my journey to better health and wellbeing.

Two science degrees (BSc Psychology and MSc Nutritional Therapy), 35 meat- and fish-free years, out of which 17 last years of eating 100% plant-based diet, later, I am more than ever convinced that that ‘opinion’ was quite correct. Now I work full-time as a Nutritional Therapist, helping and educating people on how to get healthy through their diet. I even practise what I preach myself! The result: in more than 20 years I have been to the doctor’s only three times. And all three times the reason was my sports injuries (you know the rule ‘If in pain, stop!’? I do, but I did not follow it and the price paid was quite unpleasant. But that’s in the past and a different story.)

Most of us are designed to be healthy if we do the right thing. And the whole-foods plant-based diet plays a vital role in that ‘right thing’!

There’s a link to Elena’s website above, and she also puts some colourful, informative and motivating posts on her Facebook page if you’d like to interact with her there.

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