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Kate's Story

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

18 years ago, Kate Dunbar's life came to a virtual and painful halt. She had psoriatic arthritis and her only recourse for some years was medication to suppress the symptoms. Her decision to go vegan proved to be a turning point although she only truly regained good health when a chance encounter prompted further adjustments to her diet. She now has enough energy to run half marathons and she's off all her medication.

Since then her story has inspired others to address their own health conditions through diet. We hope that it will also inspire you, or someone you know.

Enjoy Kate's Story.

Watch Kate's interview with us here.

Or if you prefer to listen only then it's available here on Soundcloud.

We love hearing or reading remarkable stories like this. If you have a plant-based or vegan story to tell and would like to share it, find out how, and see what others have contributed by going to this page on our website.

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