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Para una mejor salud y rendimiento


¿Qué es la Reeducación Respiratoria y por qué es tan vital para nosotros?

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Para encontrar una fecha de inicio para suprograma de reentrenamiento respiratorio uno a unopor favor ve a lacalendario de reservas.

Sábado 22 de abril 13.30.BST / 14.30 CEST

taller de 90 minutosReduzca los síntomas de la menopausia con una mejor respiración Reentrenamiento de la respiración para una mejor transición a través de la menopausia.

Precio: 49,99 € 


Breathing Checklist
Our breathing is so familiar that it's really difficult to know if it's optimal or needs some attention.

Observing your own breathing is a worthwhile habit to cultivate.

Recommendation: sit quietly for a few minutes and follow the movements of your breathing:

  • Are you breathing through your nose or your mouth?

  • Is your breathing abdominal or from the upper chest?

  • How big is the 'wave' (volume) of each breath?

  • When you breathe out, do you need to breathe back in immediately?

  • Can you easily see the movements of your breathing?

  • Can you hear your breathing?


If your breathing is audible &/ noticeable &/ requires effort during rest, it's likely that there's room for improvement. 

Continue to observe your breathing and the effects of your breathing whenever you think about it:


  • Do you sigh or yawn frequently?

  • Do you snore?

  • Do you wake up with a dry mouth? (This usually indicates mouthbreathing during sleep)


If any of these apply to you, you would be well advised to take steps to change the breathing patterns that are causing them. 

If you need assistance with retraining your breathing, or have any questions get in touch or find out more here.

The videos below are brief tips and information to get you started. The first is the Nose Unblocking Exercise.



Este ejercicio es útil si siente que se avecina un ataque de algún tipo, ya sea asma, sibilancias, ansiedad e hiperventilación o pánico.
El ejercicio es adecuado para cualquier persona excepto durante el embarazo.

Nasal Breathing

Why breathing through the nose is so important

Your Questions Answered
  • Do I have to be vegan to enroll in one of your programs?

No. The Vegan reference applies to us so that you know something of our values from the outset.


  • Is breathing re-education different from breathwork?

Yes, somewhat. Breathing Re-education does incorporate interventional breathing exercises in response to particular events such as feelings of panic, wheezing or becoming more focused before an exam. However, the main emphasis of Breathing Re-education is to normalise breathing patterns to ensure functional breathing on a day-to-day basis. 

  • How can Breathing Re-education help me to sleep better?

If your daytime breathing is suboptimal, there is every likelihood that the same patterns will play out in your sleep. This could refer to breathing faster than your body needs, leading to difficulties falling asleep or waking too early. Breathing issues also play a big part in each of the 4 phenotypes of sleep apnea and snoring.


  • What's meant by Female Breathing?

It's been known for well over 100 years that women's breathing is different from men's due to changes in hormone levels during reproductive years. A drop in female sex hormones at Menopause also affects breathing. Knowing this provides both understanding and the chance to respond effectively to the fluctuations and changes.

  • Are the Breathing Re-education programs you offer suitable for anyone?

Other than for very young children, the programs are suitable for all ages.

  • Are the Breathing Re-education programs suitable during pregnancy?

Many of the exercises need to be modified or even omitted during pregnancy especially in the first trimester. It may therefore be more appropriate to begin a program at a later date.

  • Does everyone with sub-optimal breathing need a Breathing Retraining Program?

No, with the correct information and mindset, restoration of breathing can be achieved without needing a program. If you're undecided about what might best suit you, then please see our page on this

If we haven't answered YOUR question, please get in touch and ask us directly.

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