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Is a Breathing Program Right For You?

Is it possible to retrain your own breathing?

Yes, as long as the following applies:

  • You have the knowledge to choose the most effective and safe exercises, tailor them to your needs and know how, as well as when, to practise them.

  • You can motivate yourself to practise the exercises consistently, and if necessary, long-term.

Who typically benefits most from a breathing re-education program?

A program mostly benefits those who feel overwhelmed by the diverse approaches to breathing. There are lots of examples of breathwork exercises on the internet, but compiling a breathing retraining program that fits you requires knowledge of what will work best, which breathing exercises may be detrimental to you, how and when to practise them and how to gradually incorporate them into your day-to-day life.

If dysfunctional breathing is accompanied by a condition such as asthma, long covid, chronic fatigue or anxiety, it is generally advisable to seek out a trained instructor with a particular interest in the health condition you’re experiencing. 


As breathing re-education instructors, we can accompany you through the start of your journey towards the restoration of functional breathing. This means you get the exercises that will work best for you without causing you harm or creating set-backs. We maintain contact with you throughout the duration of your program so that you can ask questions, provide feedback between sessions and have someone there to ‘hold your hand’ especially when progress seems to plateau as often happens. When the task ahead is a big one, it helps to have a sounding board, someone who can both listen to you and respond to your (sometimes unspoken) queries and even fears.


You can contact us to arrange a short 20 minute no-obligation Zoom call to see if working with one of us might be right for you, or alternatively, you can email us. If you’re already clear about the need to pursue a program with us, then you can head straight to the booking calendar to book your first session.

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