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Inspiring New Ways of Eating

Which fruit do you most enjoy in a green
Courgette, rocket, tomatoes, chilli, cap
Letting go of any of these may not be ea


A  3 course raw food lunch at our York base can be up to four people with prices as follows:

For one person …..£37.50

For two people …..£34.00 each

For three people…£32.00 each

For four people ….£29.50 each

As we believe food should be enjoyed without rushing, we allow two hours for lunch, from arrival to finish, commencing at 12.30. 

A Henry & Henry Raw Food Lunch consists of organic, plant-based ingredients. All our food is naturally gluten-free and is completely suitable for those following a vegan lifestyle. For anyone wishing to reduce or eliminate dairy from their diet, there is a bespoke lunch class. Details are here.


Raw Food Platos is a tweak, albeit a significant one to the raw food lunches that we’ve been making available for the past 5 years. The use of Spanish is deliberate as the inspiration comes from being surprised to discover in Spain that ordering two courses can be very different from what we’re used to in Britain. The ‘Primer Plato’ and the ‘Segundo Plato’ (literally the first course and the second course) may well be very similar in size, meaning the first course doesn’t correspond to our typical expectations of what a ‘starter’ will be - a mere introduction to the main course that typically occupies the limelight. And the second course therefore is not the dominant player which inevitably requires the largest plates in the house!

Our Raw Food Platos take on this theme as a means of re-emphasising the health benefits of a plant-based way of eating and is therefore particularly suitable for anyone choosing a raw food lunch with the objective of seeking out dishes that are both health-promoting and exciting! To ensure that we cater for various taste preferences, we make these ‘platos’ available as combinations of different choices, based on another Spanish influence, namely the more familiar ‘tapas’ so that you are not faced with just one choice which may not suit you. 

As always, we will talk to you about the food and answer any questions you may have. As with the standard Raw Food Lunches, Raw Food Platos will also include a dessert platter and we are confident that whichever of the two lunches choices you opt for, you will not leave hungry, but we do hope you will leave feeling inspired and enthusiastic to make similar dishes at home. Prices are as above and the booking deposit applies for both types of lunch. All that we need from you otherwise is to know which type of lunch you are booking for you / your group.

The venue for these lunches is at Derwenthorpe in York

We ask you to arrive for 12.30 and we would expect to finish at around 2.30pm

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