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We love surprising our guests with the vibrant colours of our food and the taste combinations that are possible with raw, natural wholefoods. In turn we are surprised at the number of times that we hear our guests announce, usually whilst reaching for second helpings, that they're enjoying a food they believed they disliked. 

It was never our intention to become raw chefs, we simply provided meals for participants on our classes, which at the start were primarily meditation classes. We had noticed that starchy lunches and meditation classes were not a good combination for staying awake and focussed, so we effectively shared our own way of eating with our guests and soon came to realise that our meals were very well received.

So what is 'our way of eating'? We have each explained in our personal bios the role that natural food has played in our health, starting with the resolution of endometriosis for Annette and the unforseen weight loss for Graham when our mostly natural diet, evolved further to become a high raw diet. This is where we are today, we have a high raw wholefood way of eating, and we love it!

It is one of the greatest gifts in life to feel well and be full of energy, but 'eating for health' moves into a whole new realm if it is so enjoyable that every meal is anticipated with pleasure and is a sensual delight both visually and especially for the taste buds. This is immensely important for us, so our meals are not simply a practical matter of consuming health-promoting ingredients, they must be creative and beautiful, and preferably enjoyed in the way that Mediterraneans relate to eating; valuing and mindfully savouring meals made with passion. And this is the approach that we always set out to share with our guests.

'High raw' means that the meals we make for ourselves are anywhere between 50% and 100% raw. We use as much fresh, local produce as we can find and we insist on organic. We love our high-speed blender for making soups, smoothies, cakes, cheese and all manner of other things that benefit from having a smooth, silky texture; we make good use of our dehydrator for crispy, nutrient-rich crackers and naturally gluten-free bread, and our food processor chops our ingredients to whatever size we want in a matter of moments. But the star of any main course is the vibrant and fabulous array of produce that colours the plate, and which can often be prepared quite simply.

We still don't classify ourselves as 'raw chefs' because even if we considered it appropriate to do so, it would put the emphasis in the wrong place. We are not caterers but rather our aim is to inspire others to want to make changes for themselves, to experiement in their own kitchens and share new recipes with family and friends. This is why we eat with our guests; to answer questions and share our enthusiasm for natural food.

If you would like to be inspired, we would love to hear from you! Our food is made with organic or unsprayed wholefood and minimally processed ingredients. Everything is naturally free from gluten, dairy and all animal products making it completely suitable for anyone following a vegan lifestyle. Equally though, our food is ideal for inspiring a transition to more plant-based eating whether for health reasons or ethical and environmental motivations. Our meals are fully raw unless otherwise stated; raw fusion lunches will comprise all the characteristics as described above, but a few items will be carefully cooked as a means of including foods that can be enjoyed differently (occasionally better) than exclusively in their raw state.

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