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The Living Without Dairy Class is a 90 minute class which is ideal for anyone who would like to reduce their reliance on dairy products. This 90 minute class costs £15 per person and includes samples as a means of offering ideas and inspiration for making changes. The class is intended for individuals or small groups of up to 4 people and can be arranged by contacting us to arrange a mutually suitable date. 

Alternatively, we can conduct this class as a 3 course Dairy-free Raw Food Lunch. A lunch class is a more informal class providing information and ideas over the course of 2 hours for between one and four people. The price is dependent on the group size. For more details about our lunches including how to book with us please see our lunches information, or contact us directly:



Living Without Dairy is ideal for those needing to avoid dairy due to intolerance or allergy, but is equally relevant for vegetarians who are intending to transition to a fully vegan diet. It may also be of interest to anyone who would simply prefer to consume fewer dairy-based foods. Whilst milk products are not an essential part of any adult diet, some of the nutrients they contain are indeed vital and we address this, both in terms of what we have collectively come to believe about milk (leading sometimes to fear about giving it up), as well as how we can adequately obtain and absorb 'bone healthy' nutrients from plant sources.

We have both lived without dairy for a number of years, one of us for almost two decades, and we are keen to help those who need or intend to do the same, to make food choices that make it easy and sustainable.


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