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Inspired in Berlin

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

Have you ever visited the German capital? It is extraordinary with its visible evidence of two very major historical events within the last 80 years, each of which must have contributed to the city it is today.

Food hall in Kaufhaus des Westens

And what a city! We were visitors in Berlin last month and really appreciated not just being in Germany again (we first met each other in Germany several decades ago), but specifically having the chance to witness this vibrant, unified European capital. As is the case in many large cities now, eating out has become much more accessible for those of us who prioritise a plant-based diet. But in Berlin, and presumably elsewhere in Germany, food shopping says something very favourable about the values of the people who live there: to our delight, we were never more than a short walk from a ‘bio’ supermarket where almost all the items for sale are organic. For us in York, it’s a four mile round trip (usually a walk) to a shop that sells organic produce AND does so without plastic packaging. This was the other pleasant surprise in Berlin; fresh produce is consistently sold with minimal or no plastic packaging. It was really encouraging to see that it can be done and is clearly acceptable to customers. In the meantime, whenever we’re in UK supermarkets we leave the single-use plastic wrappings at the store. It’s a very small form of protest, but gradually more people are doing the same. And in case you were wondering, we can report that so far, individual members of staff in each of the stores we’ve visited have been very accommodating, even supportive of our actions!

Not surprisingly perhaps, we’re even more inspired about food after our trip to Berlin and have already started trying out some new recipes for both raw meals and what we call ‘raw fusion’. Raw fusion is plant-based food, some of it raw, but all of which maintains the wholefood ethos that we’ve learnt from our immersion in the raw food culture, and we carefully consider cooking methods in order to ensure minimal loss of nutrients in our meals. Additionally, we always ensure that our ingredients are organic. Please contact us if you are interested in booking a raw food lunch with us and by all means let us know if a raw fusion lunch would appeal to you, rather than a fully raw meal.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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