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Riding the Waves of Change

In 2020, at the age of 57, Annette and I embarked on an exciting and at times daunting journey. We sold our house, left York, our home for the past 10 years, put most of our possessions in storage, boarded a ferry at Hull with a couple of suitcases and a rucksack each and travelled on to Berlin, where we continue to live in rented accommodation until we move to our newly purchased apartment in June. Our love of Berlin intensified following two visits in 2019, when we realised this city was like no other. It appealed to us not only because of its amazing vegan scene, so important to us as plantbased nutrition enthusiasts and educators, but also because of the way it has continued to reinvent itself, stay ahead of the curve and in its ability to attract a diverse and fascinating swathe of residents and visitors. Its recent history, riven by two conflicting and juxtaposed ideologies in the Cold War era and symbolised by the erection and ultimate fall of the Berlin Wall, adds a mesmerising backdrop to this great city and provides us with seemingly endless opportunities for exploration.

Neither of us consider ourselves as adventurers, but we are involved in an adventure, one that we perhaps would not have imagined undertaking just a few years ago. One thing recent events have shown us is that life takes unexpected twists and turns. There are two choices, you can either take the safe route, batten down the hatches and take shelter from the choppy waters; or you can ride the storm and head out for uncharted waters and see where it leads you. We chose the latter and we love every minute of it!

~ Graham Henry

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