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Omega 3 .... Is it essential?

Recently, some research carried out by the University of East Anglia made the headlines, as it claimed that Omega 3 fats are not as effective in preventing or treating depression and anxiety as initially thought. Based on their findings, the lead author of the study, which was funded by the World Health Organisation and published in the British Journal of Psychiatry, has recommended that Omega 3 fats should not be advised for patients suffering from either of these conditions.

Whilst we are not in a position or qualified to question these particular findings, what we do take issue with is the implication that Omega 3 fats are therefore not important, solely based on the claim they may not have a significant effect on one particular illness or condition. There is absolutely no doubt in our minds that Omega 3 fats are absolutely essential for us to consume in our diet, which is why it is classed as an 'essential fatty acid', which means that we need to obtain it from food as we are unable to make this in our bodies. If we don't get sufficient in our diet, then we must either modify our diet accordingly....or take a supplement! 

Omega 3 fatty acids perform a number of vital functions in our body and in our cell membranes. One important role they play is that of dampening down inflammation. Sadly, because the typical modern diet is all too often lacking in sufficient quantities of the foods that are most abundant in omega 3 (ie. leafy greens, fresh fruits and vegetables, flaxseeds, chia seeds,hemp seeds, wild cold water fish and cold water algae), it's not difficult to see a probable connection between this and the high rates of cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure and certain forms of cancer that we are seeing in society today.

For some time now (we're talking years rather than months), we've wanted to find some way of really getting to grips with issues like this. We're delighted to say we have found just what we were looking for and are currently engaged in a year long program of plant-based education training with America's two leading raw food nutrition educators, Drs Rick and Karin Dina. The content of the program is significant and we're already in a good position to offer classes on the fundamental aspects of becoming, and staying plant-based. With that said, this is early notification of a full day class that we're running in February. The class includes a plant-based lunch which will align with the information in the class. If this sounds interesting to you, then please take a look at what is going to be covered in the class, as well as information about booking, timings, and other relevant information about this class.

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