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No Oil Dressing & Marinade in One!

It's been a long time since we included any recipes in our blog, but we have two rather excellent reasons for including this one, apart from its absolute deliciousness.

The most difficult challenge we had when we progressed to a wholefood plant-based diet was the creation of sauces and dressings without oil. This recipe is superbly simple and uses no fat at all (not even seeds which are often our go-to replacement for oil).

We've often commented that salads are an easy proposition if the dressing is tasty enough, and this one is. It means that a meal high in raw vegetables is more than acceptable, and this leads to excellent reason number two. It's no secret that recently we've both immersed ourselves in breathing re-education, to the point of becoming breathing instructors ourselves. How interesting to learn then, that the foods that have the most minimal impact on breathing are raw fruits and vegetables!

This meal isn't fully raw, and it's not simply a salad. It does, however, involve a lot of fresh vegetables with a slightly firm but also soft texture provided by tempeh which we eat as it is, ie uncooked, to retain the benefits of this fermented food.

We used large radicchio leaves for the wraps on this occasion, but other large leaves would work just as well as do more conventional wraps.


1tbsp lemon juice ×2

1tsp garlic powder ×2

¼ tsp cayenne ÷2

1tsp mustard ×2

1tsp miso ×2

1 block of tempeh cut into strips or squares

Salad vegetables cut small

4 large leaves or wraps


  • Divide the dressing / marinade ingredients into 2 bowls - a large one, big enough for salad ingredients and a smaller one for the tempeh. Mix well with a spoon.

  • Place the tempeh pieces in the marinade in the smaller bowl and cover well with the marinade mixture.

  • Put your salad ingredients into the other bowl and cover well with the dressing (marinade).

And that's it! Swift, simple and thoroughly enjoyable. Beware of overfilling the wrap …or maybe just have a serviette at the ready 😄

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