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Forthcoming events, classes and courses are listed here.

If you wish to book a one-to-one course of breathing re-education classes, then head to the Book Online tab. You'll find more information about Breathing Re-education in the Breathing Space on our website.

Thursday July 6th 12.30 BST / 13.30 CEST: Youthful Ageing This is a one hour online event. Information, inspiration and incentive to make use of the summer months to start making a difference to day-to-day habits.

Tuesday July 11th 12.30 BST / 13.30 CEST: Breathing for Better Ageing. This is a one hour online event. Find out how you can implement breathing retraining exercises to create positive adaptations!

Saturday July 15th 10.00 CEST: Sweet Dreams? This is a 90 minute workshop at Mijas Gift Shop in Berlin Kreuzberg. Find out how daytime breathing can affect sleep and what to do about it. if there's room for improvement.

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