You may have come to the realisation, either swiftly or more slowly like us, that for better and worse, food is intimately linked to our health. And there’s much more to this than just weight. It’s now well known that what we eat can play a significant role in a range of diseases from diabetes, through to cardiovascular disease and cancer. And there’s more: personal experience has pointed us in the direction of nutrition for resolving or positively impacting hormone dependent illnesses, digestive issues, allergies, immunity, and skin health, and it doesn’t surprise us to learn that our food choices matter when it comes to mental health, too. If this list seems a little too diverse to be impacted by one intervention ie food, then we may be applying a medical mindset where it doesn’t belong. The medical approach applies a different solution for each malady. Where nutrition is concerned, the approach is to give the body what it needs to enable it to find the balance it is constantly seeking in order to keep us safe and healthy. This is why a plant-strong or fully plant based whole foods diet frequently makes such a positive difference. If this is a source of interest, or indeed fascination for you, as it is for us, then become part of the Conversation, share this mission with us!


Whether you've been conscious of the climate emergency for some time, or the recent pandemic has persuaded you to re-evaluate the way we're living, we are really keen for you to be part of our Conversation. Whilst multiple aspects of life need attention, there is none bigger than the way we eat. How often do we hear that the single greatest impact we can have on rebalancing the health of our planet is for us to reduce, or eliminate animal based foods from our diet? The Conversation aims to inspire a shift in this direction and hopefully, to make it appealing and sustainable to encourage better human and Planetary health. Do join us; we want to hear what you have to say!


If you are an ethical vegan, you have made a profoundly compassionate life decision. If you're a long-term vegan, you may be observing some noteworthy changes as more people are taking an interest in meatless eating, or at least more meat free meals. Their interest is testament to the various revelations about the need for an emphasis on plant based eating, not least the increased awareness of the treatment of animals, especially in the context of factory farming. You will almost certainly have noticed that the consequence of this is greater availability of vegan options in shops and restaurants. This is very encouraging, and at times useful, but we feel strongly that a wholefood basis is the best foundation for long term success, and as an ambassador for animal welfare, your long term success is immensely important. Please join us in the Conversation, and please continue to prioritise a compassionate world.


If you are a health professional who's taking an interest in the effect of diet on health, then you are very much appreciated by us. The absence of this connection has represented a serious omission in healthcare, and for those of us who resolve health challenges through dietary changes, it can be a deterrent to seeking future medical advice. Your interest, therefore, is profoundly important. We hope that you will join the Conversation to gain inspiration and maybe insights into what many patients want and need. Meanwhile your involvement may help to re-establish any lost trust in a profession that is so important.


If a member of your family has opted for a vegan / plant based way of eating, you may feel unsure about how to best support them, whether practically, especially if you are the person who typically prepares meals in your family, or even emotionally. This may represent a big change for each of you and possibly for the whole family, so mutual understanding can make a big contribution to maintaining positive relationships. We would aim to address any concerns you may have about how vegans can get their protein / calcium / iron etc. and we hope that by being part of the Conversation you will gain other insights and inspiration. We look forward to meeting you!