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Dear Graham and Annette,

I just wanted to say hello, well done and thank you for the work you are doing to educate people about plant-based health. I noticed from your comments on one of the plant-based health professional Facebook posts that you had your own Facebook page and website, so I decided to take a look.

I watched the video that you both did last spring about your journey to better health and felt grateful that there are people like you out there trying to raise awareness. Keep going – you are helping to not only inspire the next generation, but current generations that are now encountering some of the worst levels of chronic diseases we’ve ever seen.

At the end of your video you inspired me to send you a quick email to say well done and thank you for all you are doing. I will keep an eye out for your posts from now on and share with others, including my clients when I can.

Best wishes,

Caroline Collard

Caroline Collard Nutrition & Holistic Health


"I've been lucky to know Annette and Graham Henry for many years now.

They run a Facebook page which is a wonderful source of information, advice and encouragement for those considering a fully plant based diet or those like me who originally joined the page as I wanted to incorporate more plant based and less processed food into my diet for health reasons.

They both have inspiring stories to tell and both have been an endless friendly, supportive ear for me whenever I have asked them for information and advice.

They've provided me with recipes, support and guidance into managing a dairy free diet with Aiden, my baby son. The dairy free diet is for a suspected cows milk protein allergy.

Their passion for what they do shines through and they're an incredibly inspiring awesome pair!

So if you're interested in improving your health through the food that you eat- give their page a like!"

Kate Precious, York

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"I always felt so welcome at your talks and learnt so much but I was never overwhelmed by the information you shared with us.
You presented it in such a way that it  was really interesting and understandable and there was always time for us to ask questions or to clarify a point that you had made that maybe I hadn't fully understood initially.
Meeting you both and attending your talks and meals had a huge impact on me both on a dietary and a motivational level. Although I had some awareness before I started attending your talks that what you eat can influence your physical and emotional health I had absolutely no idea how powerful this influence was.I've learnt so much from you both and I can now make more informed choices about my diet and know how to access any relevant, up to date information I may require.Your knowledge and enthusiasm really inspired and motivated me EVERY time I met up with you both - so thank you!"



“I very much enjoyed yesterday and thank you for everything and your kind words,  they meant a lot. I’m certainly looking at this as a life choice, a way of enjoying food to the full. Full of flavours, full of nutrition and full of colour.
……You’re both an inspiration, thank you.”

Stephanie from York