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See below for some of the plant based questions we respond to in our classes and live chat sessions with our members.

We know that making changes can be challenging which is why we have set up the Inspiration Space to support you to make changes which better align with the natural you.

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Addressing a fundamental and overlooked aspect of health. Incorporating Buteyko Breathing and Oxygen Advantage


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See below for an idea of some of the questions we love to respond to!

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I want to eat more plants, but I’m worried about protein / calcium / iron / zinc / omega fats (or any other nutrient).



I’m having cravings / feel stuck and I don’t know how to move on.


I keep reading about high protein / high fat diets. Why do you not support this approach?



Should I take additional supplements on a whole food plant based diet? If so, which are recommended for this way of eating? Why are they necessary?



I need / want to cut out dairy but I’m worried about my bones. What do I need to know? How can I replace dairy in my diet?



I want to eat more fruits and vegetables but don’t know how to prepare them / I don’t like many vegetables


Isn’t a plant based diet more expensive? How can I make it more affordable?



I keep hearing that “sugar is sugar”, so why do you recommend fruit? Will I risk getting diabetes if I eat fruit?



I’ve tried a vegan diet before and it didn’t work. Is it worth trying again? What can I do differently?



I can’t maintain my weight on a plant based diet, so how can I make it work for me?


A whole food plant based diet sounds boring to me. Can you persuade me that it gets interesting?



Do you advocate one specific version of a whole food plant based diet? (Answer, No) Will any version work? Eg high raw / predominantly cooked?



How can I manage when I’m out?



I / my daughter / sister / friend have/has endometriosis. How can a plant based diet support recovery?


I’m overweight and I’ve tried almost everything. Why would a whole food plant based diet make a difference?



I’m worried about being hungry all the time. How can I feel full on a whole food plant based diet?



I don’t have time to create elaborate meals 3 times a day. Can you offer any suggestions for quick, healthy options?



I need to avoid gluten. How can I manage on a whole food plant based diet without grains?


I don’t want to put weight on and I’m worried that eating lots of carbs will make me fat. How did you manage this?



Is there anything that we’ve missed from the list above? What would be useful to YOU?



Henry & Henry are Annette and Graham Henry.

Having come to the realisation that a plant-strong, or ideally, a fully plant-based way of eating, has to become more mainstream, we have sought to immerse ourselves in education that might help us understand how food has had such a profound impact on the health of each of us.

We found Mastering Raw Food Nutrition and Educator course, a thoroughly in-depth examination of wholefood plant-based nutrition delivered as a one year course by two of America's leading plant-based educators, Drs Rick and Karin Dina. Taking this course was one of the best decisions we have ever made which has prompted changes to our own diet now with a greater emphasis on fruits and vegetables, many of these in their natural raw state, but we also include some cooked foods in some of our meals. We are excited about sharing more of this unique research-based information to help you make plant-based living truly successful and enjoyable. 

The health and happiness of an individual is a constantly evolving and, we believe, worthwhile endeavour for each of us and it is our privilege to play a role in inspiring others to take new steps towards this in their own lives. We know too that happier, healthier individuals have a potently positive effect on those around them and when this is multiplied, entire communities have a better chance of living and working more harmoniously. Furthermore, we know that healthier food choices have a much wider impact on the world around us and on the other beings with whom we share the planet. How then could we not make it our mission to share what we know and encourage a Conversation about the importance of plant based nutrition?