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The Vegan Breathing Coaches & Plant-based Nutrition Educators

Individualised Lifestyle Coaching Programs

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Is holding your breath holding you back?

Did you know that unconscious breathholding is  a common feature of dysfunctional breathing?  The way we breathe can either hold us back  or it can allow us to flourish.  By becoming more aware of your habitual breathing and by applying a range of conscious breathing techniques  you will have the potential to transform everything you thought you knew about your body, your performance and your health!

 Henry & Henry can help you to discover

  • if and how your breathing is interfering with your health  

  • how your breathing may be keeping you from experiencing a better quality of life 

  • if an individualised program is right for you.  

Find out more about our Breathing Re-education programs here:

Breathing Re-education 

Addressing a most fundamental and overlooked aspect of health. Incorporating

Buteyko Breathing and

Oxygen Advantage 

See Henry & Henry Lifestyle Coaching for breathing and nutrition programs



Breathing Space details are available here

Find out more about us and what we mean by 'The Vegan Breathing Coaches'

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Join our Conversation about the value and role of whole plant foods by using our resources:

  • science-backed education about the benefits of whole plant foods, 


  • interviews and essays from people talking about their work or their exceptional and transformative experiences,


  • an information hub of articles, links, recipes and 'how to' pages.


See what's included in the Conversation here

See Henry & Henry Lifestyle Coaching for nutrition and breathing programs

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If you are interested to know more about what we offer or if you have an idea you would like to share with us, please get in touch here

We are always happy to consider requests for interviews and podcasts. Please contact us here if you would like to speak to us.


Henry and Henry are Graham and Annette Henry, Plant-Based Nutrition Educators and The Vegan Breathing Coaches


It is our mission to help others to improve their health by implementing some of the measures that we have found so beneficial for ourselves. Regrettably, information about the most health-supporting way of eating and about optimal breathing is largely absent in the world of conventional medicine and yet their impact can be enormous. With this in mind, and recognising the level of responsibility that comes with such education, we have taken it upon ourselves to be well educated and trained for what we do.

To extend our knowledge of plant-based diets, we found Mastering Raw Food Nutrition and Educator course, a thoroughly in-depth examination of wholefood plant-based nutrition delivered as a one year course by two of America's leading plant-based educators, Drs Rick and Karin Dina. 

To become Breathing Re-education Instructors we trained separately. Between us we can offer Buteyko and Oxygen Advantage programs. We were both trained by the world renowned breathing trainer, Patrick Mckeown

What do we mean by The Vegan Breathing Coaches?

The Vegan Breathing Coaches are precisely that, Breathing Coaches who are Vegan. The reason for the name is to define who we are so that you know something about us from the outset. If you value any of the following, then we have some shared priorities:

  • Human health: our version of veganism revolves around whole plant foods

  • An appreciation of, and a willingness to support, the natural world

  • Respect and compassion for all of life

The health and happiness of an individual is a constantly evolving and, we believe, worthwhile endeavour for each of us and it is our privilege to play a role in inspiring others to take new steps towards this in their own lives. We know too that happier, healthier individuals have a potently positive effect on those around them and when this is multiplied, entire communities have a better chance of living and working more harmoniously. 

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