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Calm InSight is a response to a rapidly changing world that needs us to be as mentally and physically healthy as we can be. The two five week courses and their respective taster sessions look at what it is we really want in life, why we judge as much as we do, what we’re missing by thinking so much, some of the hidden causes of stress in our lives and how the state of our mind can impact on our physical health and our day-to-day activities. We will share a simple meditation technique for closed and open eyed meditations, as well as what to expect when you meditate, and much more. Full details are included at the bottom of this page, but we invite you to read the benefits and testimonials first.

Calm InSight classes are delivered an hour per week over the course of 10 weeks. They are divided into two 5 week courses which can be taken either together or independently. Each class comprises two parts: 1) A video is sent out to you each week to provide you with the content for each session. 2) The second half hour is scheduled for practice of the meditation(s) and provides the opportunity to ask questions in a group setting. These live sessions are conducted over Zoom so that, in addition to asking questions you can also feed back on your experience if you choose to do so. This helps to ensure that you're comfortable with your progress and understand the non-linear nature of it. Premium Members can catch up on any missed sessions by booking a Live Chat with us. 

Over the course of practising meditation ourselves, teaching it and reading some of the abundant research available, it has become apparent that the effects of being more present in the here and now as well as being less stressed can have truly remarkable and far-reaching effects.

Why Learn to Meditate?

The following can be positively impacted by a regular meditation practice. Which of them are significant to you?

Anxiety, Aging, Anger, Alzheimers

Brain function, Blood pressure

Confidence, Creativity, Calm, Compassion, Concentration, Contentment

Depression, Digestive disorders

Emotional Intelligence, Energy, Empathy

Focus, Fatigue, Fibromyalgia

Genes (epigenetic changes)

Happiness, Heart health

Insomnia, Inspiration, Immunity, Inflammation



Love, Laughter

Mind chatter, Motivation, Menopausal symptoms

Nervousness, Negative thought patterns

Optimism, Oxidative stress, Oxytocin production

Pain, Peace, Panic, Pessimism, Productivity

Quieting the mind


Self-awareness, Self-acceptance, Success, Spirituality

Tension, Thinking



Wisdom, Worry, Weight loss


Yo-yo thinking

Zest for life

Knowing others' experiences may be helpful too....

“The great news is, that I am already finding the benefits, as I am sleeping better than I have done for years and I am more productive and organised each day. Thanks so much for introducing me to Body Calm. I am promoting its effects to everyone I know.” ~ Chris Uphill, Timble Nr Harrogate

“I am delighted to provide very positive feedback for the recent Mind Calm workshop run by Annette and Graham Henry, in York. The workshop was practically based, just at the right pace and with many excellent, but uncomplicated, techniques, several of which I am already benefiting from on a daily basis. I am really enjoying the Meditation practice, even one for when you are busy with other things and with eyes open which I find stops my ‘internal chatterbox’ instantly! Also I found the Content/Context considerations very valuable. Having been a big fan of Eckhart Tolle’s excellent work on ‘Now’ I found this all an excellent form of ‘added value’ in a very practical sense, to a lot of his ideas!” ~ JU – South Yorkshire

“I was slightly cynical before starting the Mind Calm sessions, but have found that not only during meditation but for a significant time afterwards, I am noticeably calmer and relaxed.” ~ JRF employee  

“Sometimes it goes better than other times, but I’ve noticed moments when the other people were all keyed up whereas I stayed calm, when my vision began to narrow and I was tensing up but was able to break out of this, even moments when I could sustain concentration for longer on things that I’d found harder to do before.” ~ JRF employee  

“It was a super day! Annette delivered a wonderful workshop! I would highly recommend Mind Calm for anyone looking to create some serenity in their lives.” ~ Irene Forsyth, Reiki Master, York  

“I’ve just been for tea with R….. and we were talking about your class and both agreed what a great teacher you are which we are certain made the day more enjoyable as well as you creating a safe space for us to be open about our feelings and experiences during the day. I think sharing yours and Graham’s experiences and journeys was good to hear too.” ~JK  

“I liked the flexible approach the coach took to the method (‘do the bits that work for you’) and the positive but non-intrusive relationship she established with group members.” ~ JRF employee  

“If we are to be happy, creative and fulfilled in our work and other aspects of our life then we need a little more Mind Calm. The benefits this course has brought me extend into relationships with my family, quality of sleep, organisation and a much needed sense of calm.” ~ Jane Loewy, PE teacher, West Midlands  

“I really enjoyed the course, I thought you explained things really well and it made the book come to life!  ……………. I don’t know whether it is linked, but I also found myself being very efficient this week in everything I am doing.   …………….  It’s great because it hasn’t felt like a chore and I am actually looking forward to it.” ~ Anne-Laure  

“I am finding it really helpful, and hadn’t realised just how up-tight I get at times, and the ten minutes just let me drop my shoulders and take stock afterwards and things can be seen in a different light.” ~ HJS Cumbria  

“The world of sport offers great pleasure but can also provide many challenges, much like many other things in life. Over time, these challenges can be allowed to build, grow into problems, and we may begin to lose sight of what’s most important to our health and happiness. We were extremely fortunate to meet with Annette and be introduced to the concept of ‘Mind Calming’. With Annette’s knowledge and guidance, we were quickly able to raise awareness of our thoughts. This began to allow negativity to dissipate and allow our focus to shift back to what we find most important- happiness and health. After all, people tend to set out in life searching for happiness, be it within our hobbies, working life or relationships. The techniques we have learnt from Mind Calming sessions alongside Annette’s continued support is proving invaluable in our happiness both within our sport and in all aspects of everyday life.” ~ Jason Kilkie, Tennis Coach, Nottinghamshire  

“Wednesday lunchtime was a lovely calm place to be for half an hour!” ~ JRF employee  

“I think I sleep better. It has made me think differently about living for the present moment and not in the past or future.” ~ JRF employee  

“I really enjoyed the day. I learnt new ideas and it also reminds you of old learning which is good also.” ~ Stephanie Lewis-Vivas, Yoga Teacher, York  

“I just wanted to say thank you for a great course, I really enjoyed it and I am glad I came across it because it was something that I was looking out for. It is simple and doable, which are two things that definitely help me as sometimes I get put off when things are too complicated!” ~ Lisa, Cumbria  

The two Mind Calm presentations for a Faculty Away Day were “very well received”. ~ Katie Simpson, Faculty of Education & Theology at York St John University  

“Thank you, Annette Henry for an interesting, thoughtful and calming day learning all about Mind Calm Meditation. I loved the practical approach and am keen to get practising.” ~ Liz Leech, The Body Clinic, Ulverston 

The Hidden Causes of Stress - 5 Weeks

It's easy to see how a traumatic event, overwhelming workload, or financial problems, for example, can be triggers for stress. Less evident are some of the longer term causes of low level but persistent anxiety and stress. The 5 sessions in this part of the Calm InSight program looks at 8 such causes of stress that are often undetected by us due mainly to their familiarity. Each of them is accompanied by a means of addressing them, with awareness being the key factor in coping better with any and all of them. 

At the end of the 5 weeks you will be better able to identify some of your own underlying stressors and you will learn a technique for increasing your level of awareness which can be applied not only to recognise hidden stressors but also to become more aware of how your own mind processes the deluge of information that comes its way. It is only through heightened awareness that we can really see what underlies our actions and response to life and thus see opportunities to effect change and make progress.

There will be time for feedback and questions each week as it is important that you feel able to practise the technique(s) in between sessions if you choose to do so.

Awareness for Life - 5 Weeks

Bringing awareness into daily life can literally change that life, and even the lives of those it touches. We simply cannot choose to change the things we are unaware of. This series of 5 classes will introduce various approaches to training awareness with an emphasis on meditation and exercises that promote it.

By the end of the 5 weeks you will have learnt the CALM meditation technique along with the full 10 part Body Calm meditation. You will have been introduced to the importance of breathwork (and here's why). You will have learned a meditation that emphasises kindness to one's self and others. And you will have been introduced to the Pleasure Trap, why it's not our individual 'fault' but why each of us is responsible for becoming aware of it as a starting point for positive change. Each week will include suggestions for further reading should you wish to learn more about any of the meditations and techniques covered in the course of the 5 weeks. 

There is plenty to take away from this 5 week course, especially when combined with the Hidden Causes of Stress course, and it's our hope that you will not only take whatever is immediately relevant to you, but also any or all of the insights and techniques that may prove useful at some point in the future.

Taster Sessions 

A taster session is a one hour live class. You will learn a technique that you can use immediately both with eyes closed and eyes open meaning you will take something away with you which you can incorporate into your daily life if you choose to. Alternatively, you may opt to make this your first step towards more inner tranquility and a greater understanding of yourself by enrolling on one or both of the Calm InSight courses, each of which will be preceded by a different taster session.

Enrolment Options

These courses are available as a one-off purchase of 75 euros each or 125 euros for both courses or via the annual Premium Membership option (see Pricing Plans for the cost and what is included in Premium Membership). A full year’s membership makes both of these courses fully available at no extra charge and means that the monthly Live Chat with Henry & Henry can be used to support the classes on a one-to-one basis or to catch up on a session that couldn’t be attended due to other engagements / holiday etc. as the classes are not recorded. 

Why Join As a Member?

You will notice that there is a price incentive to enroll on the course via annual membership. This is because it is important to us that you get the most from these courses. We know that the meditation and associated techniques we teach can make a big difference in a person’s life and we want you to have full opportunity to have this powerful and valuable practice and the accompanying insights with you for as long as you want them, quite possibly for the rest of your life. We also value the community we're building at Henry & Henry, and our members are a big part of our community.

Terms & Conditions

As a result of this offer and the flexibility it makes available to you, the cancellation policy outlined in our terms and conditions does not apply to this 10 week course.

Find Class and Course Dates

Check availability here to find dates for either the course or a taster session. 

These are live sessions and they are not recorded.

Contact Us

You can contact us here if there is anything more you wish to know.

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