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Henry & Henry Lifestyle Coaching is centred around two crucial pillars that are largely overlooked in the medical world. The two pillars are nutrition, specifically here plant-based or plant-strong nutrition, and the restoration of functional breathing. We know from experience that the implementation of either, and especially both, of these can take time. For this reason we offer a program of either 5 sessions or 10 sessions.


Is the Program right for me?


In respect of breathing re-education, we have highlighted areas of particular emphasis on the two pages: Buteyko (breathing for health) and Oxygen Advantage (breathing for performance). We invite you to take a look at these and see if breathing retraining might be relevant for you.


The nutrition pillar is also appropriate for some of the aspects of health and performance referenced in the breathing pages. Both mental and physical performance and the restoration of good or better health can be supported by taking a dietary approach that best suits our own physiology, indeed it may be the case that aspects of the standard western diet have precipitated, or even caused, the chronic conditions now being seen in large numbers. For that reason, we are not listing here the many conditions that can be alleviated by a dietary approach that works for the individual. 


What can I expect from the Lifestyle Program?


Breathing Retraining will be with one of us. If your requirements are health-related eg for sleep issues, respiratory conditions, stress, anxiety or panic disorder then you will most likely pursue a program that draws primarily, but not exclusively on Buteyko Breathing, and you will most likely work with Annette. 

If your requirements are to improve physical or mental performance eg exercise or sport performance, or focus and concentration then most of your program will be centred around Oxygen Advantage. For this you may work with either of us, but most likely with Graham especially if your emphasis is physical performance.


In each case, you will learn about the research supporting the breathing work we carry out with you. The breathing work will involve exercises suited to your needs which you will practise in the sessions and, we hope, on a daily basis outside of these times. We will suggest how you might do this and increasingly, how you can incorporate much of it into your life to ease demands on your time. Our role will be to tailor the program to you and, with your agreement, to keep you accountable and motivated to continue.


Nutrition Education will take place with one or even both of us. As with the breathing re-education pillar, the content will be tailored to fit with your requirements but could, for example, include: 

  • food and other strategies for weight loss, 

  • inflammation reduction, 

  • why to consider reducing or eliminating dairy and / other animal products and how to do so successfully, 

  • what processed and ultra-processed food really looks like and how to understand the labels on the packaging,

  • suggestions for meals or individual dishes if relevant. 

Please note: we will encourage you to eat more plants as we know this is widely beneficial for human health. We will not insist that you adopt our plant-based diet. There are many versions of a healthy wholefood plant-based way of eating and we will encourage you to find what works best for you. And at no point will we assume that you wish to become vegan.


Do I have to take both parts of the program?

No. It may be that only one of these two areas needs your attention in which case booking one of them will work best for you. If you conclude that both pillars would be right for you, the overall cost will be discounted. We will run the programs separately so that you are able to identify which practices and changes work well for you. In this way, you will have tools to draw on beyond your time with us without the complication of wondering whether it was ‘the breathing’ or ‘the food’ that triggered changes during the program. Normally we start with breathing retraining and follow with nutrition education, but this can change if it is more sensible or desirable to do so.


What is the duration of the program?

Our starting point is to have one hour long session per week, typically at the same time per week although we always allow for some flexibility where possible. In some cases, it is useful to extend the period of the program to allow for more practice. This has been especially relevant in the case of certain health conditions such as Long Covid. It means that a session may, for example, take place once every two weeks, or gaps between sessions may be extended towards the end of the program. Thus the number of sessions remains at either 5 or 10, but the overall duration is longer and during this time we invite you to maintain contact with us to ask questions or receive information / motivation from us if desired. 


What is the price of a Lifestyle Coaching Program?

The price of a 5 session program is €199

The price of the 10 session program is €350

You will also have the option to extend the program at a cost of €25 per additional session if it is appropriate for you to do so.


What do I need to do to get onto a program?


We ask that you have some kind of preliminary contact with us to see if working with us is right for you. This can be in the form of a 20 minute no-obligation Zoom call which will be considered a non-chargeable introductory element of your program should you wish to proceed. A starting date and time will be discussed with you at this point if appropriate. We conduct most of our programs during the typical working week. Our most popular times are 10.00 and 15.00, but other times are available, as are possible weekend sessions. Booking is completed via this payment link which we will send to you after our initial contact with you.  Alternatively, if you're booking a Breathing Re-education program only, you can go to the Booking Calendar and book directly, with or without the preliminary contact with us. 


We look forward to hearing from you!

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