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Get a 20% discount on the Henry & Henry 6 Month Membership Plan

Veganuary is a great opportunity to test out a vegan way of eating for the month of January with the possiblity of it becoming a permanent change. 

Our 6 monthly Premium Membership provides a platform to help you on your journey and to make the permanent change more likely.

By signing up as a member, you get access to a broad range of resources and classes ... as well as access to us, so that you can be guided along the way according to what you want most from this.

We provide the answers to questions like:

  • How can I replace dairy in my diet and ensure I still get enough calcium?

  • Should I take supplements? Which ones?

  • Will it help me lose weight?

  • Will I get enough protein?

For more of these questions and for more information about Premium Membership, please visit the Premium Membership page

To coincide with Veganuary 2023, we are delighted to offer you a 20% discount on our Premium 6 plan if you sign up for the plan before the end of January 2023. This means that instead of €59.99 you pay just €47.99. To take advantage of this offer go to Pricing Plans, choose Premium 6 and enter the code: VEGANHENRY at checkout.

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