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The world we live in can present us with unforeseen challenges, but what determines the level of stress that we experience when faced with ever-changing circumstances, many of which are beyond our control? There are numerous possible answers to that question, but a key factor every time has to be our own personal relationship to life. That may be the only thing we can really influence, but it is significant, and in doing so, we may experience more freedom, peace and happiness than we ever thought possible.

This is the reason for Calm InSight. Bringing together Mind Calm, Body Calm and a host of other awareness-enhancing insights, Calm InSight is about learning to experience peace despite the sometimes tumultuous world, our own turbulent minds, and our physical health which may be reflecting that turbulence.

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We believe that humankind has come to a crossroads, and that if things are allowed to continue on their current trajectory, we will have passed the point where we can prevent all life on our planet from succumbing to the damage we are creating and the ravages of climate change. Many of us simply cower away from this realisation and feel helpless. It’s at times like this that we witness individual acts of heroism, where an extraordinary person or group of people have the courage to stand up for their convictions in the belief that change is possible, and that by so doing, they are contributing to the creation of a better and more compassionate world for everyone and everything, even when the prevailing current is against them.

Change Makers provides a platform to those we consider to be making a difference. 

The recordings of our Change Makers events can be accessed here

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