We would love to come and talk to a group, whether large or small so that we can further share our passion and kick-start some of the life changes that we’ve seen in ourselves.

The following is a guide to what we love to talk about:

  • ​Feeling great on a plant based diet

  • Where do you get your protein and other vital nutrients on a plantbased diet?

  • How do the longest-lived populations remain healthy into old age?

  • Managing weight and why diets typically fail

  • Chronic Fatigue ~ The Mystery Illness Explored

  • Eating and living to alleviate or prevent chronic conditions such as endometriosis

  • Living Without Dairy


A talk will typically last for one hour unless otherwise stated.

For small groups (up to 5 people) the charge is £30 plus any transport costs outside of York.

For larger groups (between 5 and 20 people) the charge is £50 plus any transport costs outside of York.

For groups larger than 20 the charge is £75 plus any transport costs outside of York.


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