How to get the most out of meals made from plants

Sunday March 15th

10.00 - 4.00pm

at Derwenthorpe, York

Whether you're a long-term vegan or you're new to plantbased eating (perhaps you took part in Veganuary this year?), this full day class with lunch is aimed at ensuring that you're able to continue to eat this way with confidence in your food choices. We know that the decision to eat plantbased food is grounded in powerful motives whether ethical, environmental or for reasons of personal health, and therefore maintaining it is essential for those of us who have made this choice. It is our wish, therefore, that you will leave with more science-backed knowledge to support you in sustaining a plant-based diet. The class also includes the experience of a fully plant-based lunch which aligns with the principles taught throughout the day. There is more here about our food.

The class and the lunch are provided by Annette & Graham Henry who as well as living a plant-based lifestyle, are also currently being coached by two of America’s leading plant-based educators.

About The Class

The class takes place at our Derwenthorpe base and starts at 10.00am. We recommend bringing a note book and pen. Lunch will be from around noon - 1.30 which may also allow a little time for a walk around our sustainable development. The class will end at 4.00pm.

You Will Learn:

- answers to the questions about where plantbased eaters get specific nutrients from their diet

- are we really missing out on omega fats, haeme iron, calcium, zinc, selenium? Do we need them all? Do we need them all in the quantities recommended for the general population? Do we need to take supplements? What about Vitamin B12?

- what's the bigger picture? What do scientific studies reveal to us about this way of eating?

- how do plantbased diets compare to the more standard western diets when it comes to health, in particular the three leading causes of mortality: cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer? Could our standard western diets be a factor in these diseases? Why?

We hope you will also leave with some ideas about putting this into practice through sharing lunch with us and getting answers to any questions you may have about the food we choose.

Booking and Paying

The class, including the lunch, is £70 per person. This is designed to be a small class to allow for a more individual approach, so places are limited. A reservation can be made with a deposit of £15 at least a week in advance of the class date. Our booking and payment information is here. The balance can be paid anytime up to and including the day of the class. Please contact us before you book to ensure that there are places available and so that we can send you directions and relevant transport information for getting here. We will also ask about any food allergies or intolerances. All our food is made without gluten and dairy and is completely suitable for anyone following a vegan lifestyle.


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