The Magnificence of Plant Foods

Back To Our Roots is intended for:

  • anyone wanting to incorporate more plants into their diet  

  • anyone who has already made a shift to eating more plants but would appreciate some extra support and motivation  

  • anyone wanting to give up some or all animal foods and is curious about how to do it and how to be adequately nourished 

What is the Content of this Class?  

We will talk about the multiple positive reasons for eating more plants:  

Why a wholefoods way of eating is best for our physiology and why it makes it easier to navigate our conflicting food environment  

How it can be done; can you feel full eating plants? 

The taste factor; do you have to miss out on great tasting food?  

The influence of changing taste buds and the microbiome 

You become an ambassador for eating more ethically and healthily JUST BY DOING IT!


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